What do you LOVE about life in Albania?


Despite what some may think or say, I am not the only foreign person that has chosen to come and live here and loves it. There are thousands of us that either for work, pleasure, or retirement, choose to spend our time and lives here. After taking to Facebook to ask the expat community, why they love Albania, these are the top responses.



“The fresh air in Llogora, the feeling that somethings are still done the “ancient” way, the spiritual connection to the earth, traditional herbs and medicine, the honor of the family, the way men are taught to be active and involved parents with children from birth, the way children are raised by “a village,” local/organic food without preservatives as a way of life not an acceptance, the integration of music and dance in to rituals and rights of passage, hugs and kisses from little old ladies, the sweet expressions that don’t translate into other languages (“I want to eat your eyes”), the truly “free range” animals and how nothing is wasted in cooking, the remarkable openness and acceptance by a culture that for forcible closed for years….. i could go on.”



“I love the people and the food. A great combination. No wonder I’ve gained weight here.”



“Unspoiled nature and undiscovered tourist attractions.”



“There are sooo many positive things about Albania), people, food, nature, climate, beautiful but difficult language).”



“I love the cafe culture, the relaxed pace, the way foreigners are included in the communities they involve themselves in, and the food… mustn’t forget the food!”



“Hospitality. And when an Albanian considers you a friend, they will bend over backwards for you.”



“I love the opportunities that are available here! I love the friendliness of people. I love the atmosphere and general vibe of the city. I love that there is unexplored, undamaged nature. I love seeing Tirana constantly change for the better.”



“The beautiful nature, and how welcome everyone makes you feel everywhere you go”



“Kindness of people”



“I love the natural beauty of Albania. I love the variety of food. Most of all, most Albanians I know are really sociable and value relationships. I feel a part of something beyond myself here.”



“The freedom of religion. I also find the coexistence and the tolerance of someone else’s faith a good example for the rest of the world. When we go back to America and explain that the Orthodox hierarchs go to the Leaders of other faiths/denominations (Muslims, Catholic, Protestant) and wish them Happy Feast for Easter, Christmas, Eid etc. everyone is always amazed. There is not that kind of love for other people’s religions.”



After an evening full of negativity, is everyone feeling just a little bit better now?

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