Traditional Albanian cures/remedies/’old wives’ tales.

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After being here for almost seven months, I know that there isn’t much that raki and/or coffee cannot cure, but after hearing my boyfriend say that sea water was a good remedy towards migraines (I am a sufferer) I was intrigued to find out more.

I asked on Facebook for examples of remedies/cures/traditions and superstitions relating to health, and these are the responses I got!

  1. Being cold causes cold but drinking bay leaf tea will fix it.
  2. If you put your handbag on the ground it is bad luck and you will lose money.
  3. Smearing yoghurt onto the affected area will cure sunburn.
  4. If you are pregnant and you crave a particular kind of food and then touch your body, your baby will then have a birthmark the colour of that food in the place that you touched your body.
  5. If a baby is born with two crowns, it means their spouse will die. Alternative version- they will have two spouses.
  6. Caj Mali is a cure for everything.
  7. You must enter every room with your right foot.
  8. A good cure for cuts and bruises is to treat it with raw onion and salt.
  9. Sugared water is a cure for stomach upsets.
  10. Put a poultice of onion, soap, and olive oil onto the bruising.
  11. Hang garlic in the doorway of your house to ward off the evil eye.
  12. If your toddler is prone to dribbling, wipe the dribble with a piece of bread and then feed it (the bread, not the toddler) to a dog or cat to reduce the problem.
  13. Put on a babies clothes inside out to protect them from evil.
  14. Use hot sand to cover joints to cure rheumatic or arthritic issues.
  15. Sage/ sherebela- for everything.
  16. If a bolla/bullar (non venemous snake) lives near or in the foundations of a house, it is believed to be the houses protector.
  17. Oregano tea for an upset stomach.
  18. Hanging dolls or teddy bears from the front of a house to ward off the evil eye/ general evil.
  19. Smelling or eating a lemon to combat motion sickness.
  20. A mixture of freezing cold water and white vinegar to bring down a fever.
  21. Spitting behind someone to ward off the evil eye.
  22. If you think you are cursed by the evil eye, you must take a piece of burnt wood from a fire, drop it in water and if it floats you are ok. If it sinks you are not and you need to do a ceremony to remove the bad energy.
  23. Being barefoot will cause you to get sick.
  24. Take St Johns Wort (Lule Balsami)and mix with olive oil and seal in a glass bottle. Put somewhere warm or in contact with sunlight and leave for a couple of months until the oil goes red. Use for everything related to scars, cuts, injuries etc


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