My guest post on “Namaste From Across The Sea”

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So I was really happy to make yet another new friend through my blog- Alaina Burck from America! She is currently in Albania serving with the Peace Corps and she got in touch with me after reading my post on yoga. We met up at a mutual favourite breakfast spot, one sunny Sunday in Tirana and chatted about life, what we love about Albania, and some of the adorable idiosyncracies that makes us like it even more. During our talk, I mentioned that whilst I love yoga, I am pretty awful at it but that it doesn’t do much to dampen my spirit. From there I ended up writing a guest post on Alaina’s blog “Namaste From Across The Sea”. She wants to promote yoga throughout the Balkans as something that is available and accessible to all. You don’t need to be rich, skinny, or white to take part in it, and in fact the health benefits that it can offer, as well as the calming psychological effects could be super-helpful for many individuals.


Here is an excerpt of my contribution and you can check out the full article here!


“I am not someone that was born with the gift of natural grace. At 6ft2 and somewhere in the vicinity of 90kg, when I move, I do so with the grace of a wounded wilder beast, knocking things to the floor and tripping over anything in my path. My various dalliances over the year with things like ballet and other forms of dance ended abruptly and in laughter (from the teacher) and disappointment (from me). Likewise, with gymnastics, having limbs that resemble long, gangly tree trunks made it impossible to tuck, flip, or do anything much else apart from stand there gormlessly like a windsock in a light breeze.

But then I discovered yoga. Now, I know what you are thinking- yoga is for basic bitches and goddesses with thighs like a baby gazelle- but you would be wrong. Yes of course, when we look at yoga related hashtags on Instagram, we are met with pictures of bronzed nymphets in pastel lycra, posing effortlessly on top of a mountain with one leg behind their head and a smile on their face- but this is not the reality.”



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