Friday, February 22, 2019

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Attention: Young Albanian Writers!

The Cúirt International Festival of Literature is offering young Albanian writers the opportunity to take part in a project that promotes literature in lesser known languages. The festival itself has been held annually since 1985 and it consists of a number of events that take place over the course of a week, with participation from Irish […]


Bike trail connecting 8 countries will pass through Albania

Are you an avid cyclist with a thirst for travel? If that is you in a nutshell, you will happy to hear of plans for a new cross-border cycling route that will transverse a total of eight countries. Plans are currently in the works to launch a 2000km mountain bike trail that will take cyclists […]

LGBTI Human Rights Workshop to be Held in Tirana

Next week, a collaboration between The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Open Minds Spectrum Albania (OSMA) will result in a specialised workshop being held in Tirana that will encourage the countries businesses to support the rights of LGBTI individuals. The HRC is America’s largest civil rights organisation with over 3 million members and focusses […]