I am not just a blogger; I studied law, have years of experience in marketing, and work as a full time, freelance writer and journalist. These are the ways that you can work with me.

Content Creation

I work for a number of corporate clients, creating blogs, web content, press releases, news, business plans, and whitepapers. I can create engaging content that is designed to sell and persuade, or just inform, depending on your requirements. I have experience in technology, fintech, law, corporate services, iGaming, blockchain and crypto, travel, IT, events, fashion, and hospitality.


I work for a number of independent media portals and I write reports, analysis, commentary, and opinion pieces on a number of topics. I prefer to write about corruption, freedom of speech and expression, equality and women’s rights, culture, and society.

Public Speaking

I am available to speak at events on a number of topics. I have covered travel, journalism and writing, inspirational and motivational speaking, connectivity, food and drink, domestic violence, mental health, and a variety of other intertwined issues. I have spoken at schools (ages 6-18), workshops, seminars, and I did a TedXTalks in September 2018.

Voice Over Work

I have provided voice over services for a number of commercials for radio and television as well as children’s audio books and a historical documentary. I speak with a Receieved Pronunciation accent which is the standard accent of English that is spoken in the south of England, otherwise known as the “Kings English” or “BBC English”. 

Television Appearances

I have taken part in an extensive number of television shows, mainly talking about my life, my work, my charity and philanthropic endeavours or my political or social opinions. 

Social Media Strategy

I have been working in the field of social media strategy for over 10 years, pretty much since the dawn of social media as we know it. I am experienced in creating social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and can apply this knowledge to pretty much any sector.


I have worked for several years as a political ghostwriter and at times, speechwriter as well. Of course, I pick and choose the politicians that I would work with, based on my moral and ethical code, and I would never write something or for someone that went against my own beliefs. I have written blog posts, articles, and interview questions and answers, all with the political strategy of the individual in mind, and in their tone of voice.

Proofreading and Editing Services

I provide proofreading and editing services to a number of individuals. Specialising in thesis/dissertations, blog content, corporate documents, and other such documents, the work is reviewed by myself (for language, structure, syntax) and another native English speaker (for grammar and spelling) before being returned with all edits in tracked changes. We have edited top grade scoring academic documents