The Balkanista

Përshëndetje, I am The Balkanista. A British-born citizen of the world, writer, journalist, editor, traveller, talker, lover, and self-employed businesswoman.

After leaving the UK 11 years ago, I spent 10 years living on the island of Malta and some time in Cyprus before settling in Tirane, Albania. What started as a holiday, blossomed into a permanent love affair with this Balkan gem.

The purpose of this site is to present my opinions in a digital format, accompanied by reviews of restaurants and bars, and other posts that will bring together my thoughts and experiences on politics, fashion, living, loving, art, music, travel, feminism, Albania, and the rest of the Balkan area- once I get round to travelling there.

This is a living blog, running commentary, my hobby, and a window into the life of a thirty-something foreigner who has made this beautiful place her home.

I am not paid to do this, I do it because I enjoy it. All opinions, views, and insights are my own and the copyright of everything on here belongs to me.


The Balkanista