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I had an interview today with a journalist from and she noted that I seem to pick up on small things around Tirana, that many would not notice.

I agreed and it is true, I see beauty in the smallest little things and in the most unexpected places. Often when I am wondering from A to B, I avoid going directly and try to go as off-piste as possible, exploring all of the back streets and hidden parts that the tourists and expats don’t get to see.

This is my Tirana:


Sheshi Wilson


Orthodox Church


Near Skanderberj Square


Lake Farke




The Stadium


Somewhere near The Stadium


Somewhere else near The Stadium


Just off Sheshi Wilson


Near the old theatre


Near the Piramid




Near Ring Centre


Near Ring Centre


Don Bosco


Sami Frasheri


The Lake


The View from my Bedroom Window


Sami Frasheri


Vasil Shanto


Vasil Shanto


View from the Stairs


Near Sheshi Wilson


Near Ali Dermi


Behind Skanderberj Square


Somewhere on the way to Ring Centre


Somewhere on the way to Ring Centre


On the Boulevard

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Near the New W Hotel


Bukowski Bar


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